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Green Giants Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae is a fast growing disease and insect resistant evergreen tree. Butterfly Bush Butterfly Bush blooms all summer attracting butterflys of all colors. Hydrangea Endless Summer hydrangea - large colorful blooms all summer. Crapemyrtle Crapemyrtle comes in many colors and sizes. An excellent landscaping choice for the southern US homeowner.
American Elms American Elms Princeton and Jefferson are long lived trees resistant to  Dutch elm disease
Aronia chokeberry used for many purposes including Jams and jellies,etc.
Blackberries are everyones favorite for pies,cobblers, jams and jellies and of course wine, etc.
Knockout Rose
Nanjing Beauty
Nanjing Beauty is a Chinese hybris between the Mexican Montazuma cypress and common American cypress

      goji berry fruit and foliage are both edible.
Elderberry is noted for its excellent wine and many other food uses.

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